Hey guys welcome to my site, My name is Andrew Bradley and i run a few of the websites/companies you see linked up above. I am originally from Glasgow, Scotland but have lived in London for the past 4 years only recently moving back up to Glasgow to work for ACCOR and run The November Plectrum Company

I work as a Social Engineer for companies, groups and artists as well as doing the odd audio engineering gig here and there. 

I currently live in the east of Glasgow next to Glasgow Green and live alone *sad face*

I have a cat called Juno and if you sing Four Year Strong to me and bring me cheesy waffles then I think we will get on just fine!

I perform and tour under the name A March In November and have played all over the UK and some parts of Europe

As well as running and operating The November Plectrum Company we also provide free guitar picks for a few charities here in the UK and in the USA for people who cant afford or do not have the chance to play guitar, never mind the accessories to go with it. 

The Open Mics UK database is the largest and most up to date website for information on Open Mic Nights around the UK for artists and singer/song writers to go and show off their talent in their own local or area or to even plan a tour through out the country. 

I tried vlogging once, it didn't really go to well so we shall stick to the badly worded and poor grammar textual pieces that i do so well here.